Maps showing Manus Island position within Papua New Guinea and proximity to Australia and Indonesia

Map showing most of Papua New Guinea with Manus Island / Province to north and Austrailia's northern tip to south west
  Map of Paua New Guinea:  Manus Island  north of mainland, Indonesia on the western half of New Guinea and Northern Australia to south west return to table of contents

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Manus Island, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea location near northern Australia and south east of SE Asia

The map to the left, the globe above and the Map of whole of New Guinea below gives different perspectives as to the location of Manus Island / Manus Province within Papua New Guinea generally and to Indonesia to the west and north and to Australia to the South West.

For a full map of Papua New Guinea in Adobe Acrobat TM PDF format see papuan.pdf This is about 123 k. download and assumes you have the Acrobat plugin set up with your web-browser.  For those of you new to .PDF documents, they have a nice ability for viewers to zoom in / zoom out and in some cases, text within the document can be "searched for".